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Advice, consultation, assessment. Trivellini FUE+DHI hair transplantation.


Minimally invasive therapies  for hair loss. Dracula therapy and mesotherapy treatments.


Articles and interesting facts about hair transplantation and hair loss treatment.


Hair is both everything and nothing. For the lucky ones, baldness can add character, charm, and personality, while for the less fortunate, it can lead to inhibitions and a lack of self-confidence. My vocation is to treat and fix what is difficult to control due to our inherited genes.

After graduating from medical school, I discovered the profession of hairdressing and hair transplantation by chance. As a woman, hair care and finding the right hairstyle have always played a significant role in my life, so there was no question about what I wanted to do after my first encounter with the profession. To me, hair represents confidence, the difference between good and bad days, and a symbol of strength, whether for men or women.

The medical profession is not just about healing the body but also the soul, which is why I believe this profession can have such a profound impact. Results are not only measured visually but also in terms of confidence and happiness.

Over the years, after performing hundreds of surgeries and experiencing both the downsides and the upsides of the profession, I made the decision to continue working independently with maximum dedication and without compromise. I am grateful for the international community of the profession, where I have received a lot of help and support, and for the continuous training courses, where we can share our experiences with renowned colleagues.

What is ABHRS?

The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) is an internationally recognized board of examiners focused on hair restoration surgery with 250 graduates. All board-certified doctors must demonstrate their competence in extensive written and oral examinations, which, if passed, lead to the only recognized qualification in hair replacement surgery.

Most of the general public is unaware that any person with a medical license can legally perform hair replacement surgery. As a result, the level of surgical and aesthetic training of the doctor who undertakes hair transplantation surgery can vary considerably.

In hair replacement surgery, it is important for the doctor to diagnose the causes of hair loss and have the knowledge and practical experience with the most up-to-date treatment methods.

Overall, ABHRS board-certified physicians must demonstrate training, post-training surgical experience, aesthetic skills, and comprehensive clinical knowledge of hair loss and treatment modalities.

I am proud to be the first in Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe to have achieved this title.
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