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Plastic surgeon
She started her studies at the Faculty of General Medicine of Semmelweis University in 1996, and then passed her specialist examinations in general surgery and plastic surgery.

After his studies, he was admitted to the Department of Surgery No. I at Semmelweis University, where he still works today. From the beginning, reconstructive and plastic surgery has been his main field of interest, and he has been a member of the plastic surgery profile for more than 10 years

Having already gained experience as a surgeon at the largest surgical institutions in the country, he started his training in plastic and burn surgery in 2012, mainly at the Plastic Surgery Department of the Szent Imre Hospital and the Burn Surgery Department of the Honvéd Hospital.

As a plastic surgeon, his main interests are reconstructive surgery and aesthetic surgery as an artistic branch of medicine.

He is a member of the Hungarian Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons (MPHEST) and the Hungarian Society of Surgeons (MST).
As a member of the Society, he has participated in numerous training courses and congresses. He continues to place great emphasis on professional development and updating his knowledge.
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